In 2014, You Dream It was a small hardware store in Robson St, Vancouver. We sold the usual tools, equipment, materials, and other construction items. The store owner was a recognized safety inspector in the area, Rebecca Read.

Read knew how to build a house and she understands every process in it. That is why to save money, people in the community would ask her for her expertise so they can build their homes. From that, people just kept on coming so she decided to expand.

You Dream It through the years

You Dream It through the years - About

You Dream It then quickly got a lot of home construction and renovation projects in the community. We provide the full construction package from estimating, supply delivery, preconstruction, construction, inspection, and more.

We are partners with a couple of construction suppliers based in Vancouver to make sure all of the work we do is of the highest standards.

Residential and Commercial

Residential and - About

We mainly focused our services on residential construction, landscaping, and renovations for 3 years. With new additions to our team, we are taking on commercial projects for different locators or providers in different industries.

You Dream It is now thinking of expanding our services to cities near Vancouver like Burnaby, Surrey, Victoria, and so on. We dream of providing our services to the whole of Canada.